Brake system set up

Brake system set up

Is so common to see bikes with brakes that are either set up very badly and therefore dont operate to their full potential.

Systems that are worn with symptoms such as;

* Excessive lever travel

* Excessive noise 

* Poor braking efficiency

* Vibration

* Or ultimately, no brakes at all.

Trust myself at The Bike Repair Shop Formby to set up your brakes so you can once gain trust in your brakes performance and enjoy your bike riding once again.

I am able to review your bikes braking braking performance so that I can diagnose exactly what needs to be done to bring their performance back where it should be. 

I have plenty of experience with bike brakes weather you have any of the extensive range of cable operated brakes or the latest hydraulic systems.

All braking systems benefit from a proper set up, with so many bike brake systems not properly set up from new, only getting worse with use and abuse.

If you want to book your bike in for this service, please contact me either through the contact form or by calling directly at The Bike Repair Shop Formby.

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