Check and Adjust Service

Check and Adjust Service

If you are looking to have your bike serviced look no further than my "Check and adjust service".

Rather than having a confusing array of services I like to keep it simple. The Check and Adjust service includes a 20 point check on your bike, where your bike will be set up to operate correctly and you will receive a copy of the check-list, so you can see what work we have completed on your bike.  

Checking all these points also allows me to see if your bike has any other issues that need to be addressed. 

I pride myself in working to very high standards and adopt the right first time attitude. My customers come back to me because they know they can trust me with their bike.

Lots of my customers tell me that after I have serviced their bike, it rides better than it did when it was new. Even brand new bikes can be supplied to the customer with a far from perfect set up.

I work on all my customers bikes to the same high standard, be it a kiddies bike all the way through to the latest carbon road or mountain bike. My mantra is that I work on my customers bike as if it were mine.....and my bikes are in excellent working order.

So if you want your bike operating at its best, contact me at the Bike Repair Shop Formby and leave the rest to me.

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