Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket

The bottom Bracket Bearings on a bike have a very important and tough job to do.

They are responsible for keeping the Pedal Crank Arms positioned correctly in the bike frame and keeping the crank arms rotating smoothly.

All the power put though the pedals is transferred to the Drive Train via the Bottom Bracket bearings. 

The bottom Bracket Bearings are located at the bottom of the frame and are exposed to all the dirt and moisture seen on bike rides and therefore have a a pretty tough life.

Additionally most modern Bottom Bracket Bearings are not serviceable so once worn need to be replaced.

The types of Bottom Bracket bearings are numerous and most have specialist tools that are needed to remove and most importantly, correctly install the new Bearings.

If Bottom Bracket bearings are not correctly installed, they can fail prematurely, be noisy in operation, creak annoyingly under pressure or result in a less than smooth crank rotation.

The Bike Repair Shop Formby has all the necessary tools to complete this service properly and get your bike operating smoothly and quietly again.

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