Chain Replacement

Chain Replacement

Welcome to the Bike Repair Shop Formby. One of the most popular services we carry out is Chain Replacement.

So many bikes we see have worn drive Chains , worn drive Chains carry a real risk of snapping under load ie. Peddling hard. 

The other downside to letting your chain wear too much is that once a chain is worn beyond a certain point, a new replacement chain will not work with the rear cassette or drive cog as you re trying to mesh a new part with a worn part.

Its essential that the wear on your drive Chain is monitored so that it can be replaced in a timely manner. 

If your chain is replaced at the correct time its possible to have 2 replacement chains to every replacement rear Cassette.

This is important as the rear cassette is generally more expensive than the Chain, especially when looking at High end Road bike, Mountain Bike, e-bike or Hybrid bike drive trains.

At the bike Repair Shop Formby we will check your chain and advise if replacement is necessary and also if you chain can be replaced and work effectively with your existing rear Cassette or drive cog.

At the Bike Repair Shop Formby we can also advise on Chain Maintenance, Cleaning and lubrication.

Choose The Bike Repair Shop Formby for your Chain Maintenance and Chain Replacement, we have a full selection of high quality Chains in stock and are usually able to offer this Chain Replacement as a same day turnaround service.  

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