Chain Ring Replacement

Chain Ring Replacement

Chain rings are often overlooked area on a bike. Chain rings typically last a lot longer than the rear cassette and so tend to get forgotten about.

Once a chain ring starts to wear on a 2x or 3x set up gear changes can become troublesome with the chain especially struggling to change up to the larger ring.

Ultimately, when the chain ring wears very badly, its possible for the chain to start slipping from the teeth under load and the chain is more likely in extreme cases to want to fall off the outer chain ring. 

When a chain ring wears to this point the possibility of the chain snapping is increased significantly.

The chain rings are part of the check list with the check and adjust service. so if you know you have issues with your chain rings, we can assist.

However these will be checked as part of a service with The Bike Repair shop formby.

So if you need the Chain Rings on your bike checking out, contact me at The Bike Repair Shop Formby

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