Drive Train Degrease

Drive Train Degrease

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 As part of our Gear Services, we offer our popular Drive Train Degreasing service.

The Drive Train is the essential system on your bike that transfers power from your pedals to the wheels, allowing you to propel forward. At The Bike Repair Shop in Formby, we understand the importance of a well-maintained drive train in maximising your cycling performance.

Why do our customers need our drive-train service? The answer is simple - to enhance their biking experience. Over time, the drive train attracts and especially the chain attracts dirt which builds up and ultimately causes the drive train to prematurely wear out.

With the Drive Train Degreasing service we completely remove your drive train from the bike:

* Fully degrease the parts

* Check for wear and tear, replacing parts if necessary

* We then replace the clean parts to the bike and set the drive train up properly

* The drive train will be lubricated with your choice of chain lube. This gives you the opportunity to swap your bike over to a Wax based lube, especially important if you are a local rider as Sand contamination is an issue in the local area. 

Contact us now to schedule your drive-train service. Our friendly team is ready to assist you, answer any questions you may have, and provide personalised recommendations based on your cycling needs. Choose The Bike Repair Shop in Formby for all your biking needs and discover the true joy of cycling in Liverpool.

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