Gear Trigger Shifter

Gear Trigger Shifter

The Gear Trigger Shifter allows you to change gears on your bike via the front or rear derailluer.

Over time these mechanisms can wear out, especially if the bike has been used with stiff or sticking cables.

Stiff cables put strain on the Gear Trigger Shifters and will ultimately cause them to wear out, resulting in missed gear changes and a poor riding experience.

When you bike is booked in with The Bike Repair Shop Formby we will check your bike over and recommend the course of action we can take to get your bike running as the manufacturer intended.

If your Gear Trigger Shifters are worn or broken we can replace them with new "Like for like" options or "Upgraded" options and set your gears up properly once again. 

No more mistimed shifts —just pure cycling bliss.

Ready to take your cycling adventure to new heights? It's time to engage with us and get your bike riding as it should again.

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