Bike Forks

Bike Forks

Are you in search of a reliable and experienced bike repair service in Liverpool? Look no further than The Bike Repair Shop Formby. 

As the owner of this business, I'm happy to be able to offer a range of services for your bike forks;

* Supply and fit suspension or ridgid forks

* Removal of existing forks

* Installation of replacement forks

Replacing or removing the Forks of a bike sounds quite simple. However, before the Forks can be removed all the Handlebar controls such as, Bar Grips, Brake Controls, Gear Trigger Shifters, Fork lock out controls and Seat Dropper Post levers.

The Brake Calliper will then need to be removed, thats not to forget the Handlebars, Stem and spacers.

New Forks come with Long Steerer tubes which need to be carefully cut to the correct length to suit the riders desired position.

Better to leave this sort of job to someone who has the correct tools and knowledge to do it right first time.

So, why wait? Give your bike the upgrade it deserves! Contact us today to schedule any work that you need carried out on your bikes Forks.


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