Stem Extender

Stem Extender

Are you uncomfortable when riding your bike?

Always found that you are leaning too far forwards or having to stretch to reach the handlebars?

There is an answer that does not involve you changing you bike.

At the Bike epair Shop Formby we can supply and fit Steerer Extenders. These effectively extend the height of the steerer tube on your bike, bringing the handlebars to a higher position, therefore allowing you a more upright riding position, helping to achieve the riding position that you have been looking for.

Not everyone wants the aggressive forward leaning riding position. its fine for a road racer or off road bike but for pretty much every other bike, its far better for the rider to be in an upright riding position. Being in a more comfortable riding position will allow you to fall in love with riding your bike again.

We are also able to help with converting a bike with the old fashioned "quill" steerer system to run with more modern handlebars and stems, giving you more opportunity to get your riding position exactly as you want it.

Contact me today to discuss these options and get you back on your bike again.

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