Dropper Seat Post

Dropper Seat Post

Dropper Seat Posts have been one of the major steps forward in the genre of off road cycling.

Being able to drop your saddle out of the way as you enter a steep down hill section of trail and then pop it back in the correct position for efficient peddling at the bottom has been a revelation in cycling.

So, when your Dropper Seat post stops working correctly its not only very annoying but can seriously affect the safety and enjoyment of your ride.

Many Dropper Seat posts are hydraulic in operation but are actuated via a Cable and Bar mounted trigger.

When this cable wears or frays it will make the dropper posts performance unreliable and in the worst situation when the cable ultimately snaps, stop it working all together.

At the Bike Repair Shop Formby, we can quickly and efficiently replace either the inner cable or both the outer and inner cable, to allow your Dropper Post to operate as it should.

Dropper Posts also need to have the Hydraulic Circuits serviced and we are also able to help here.

Please see our Bike Suspension Section for details.


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