Handlebars are an essential part of your bikes equipment but so often overlooked as something that can affect you riding experience and comfort.

New bikes are oftern fitted with handlebars that fit an economic need as opposed to being the very best Handlebars for the job.

Moreover, handlebars come in so many different specifications such as;

* Width

* Height, being flat or riser bars

* Rake back, being the angle of the handlebars in relation to straight ahead

* Weight, with less expensive bars being heavier.

So the "Correct" handlebars for your comfort and riding style may not be the ones that were supplied with your bike.

At The Bike Repair Shop Formby, we understand the importance of a correct riding position and are able to make suggestions and ultimately, Supply and install a set of Handlebars that suit your riding style and comfort requirements perfectly.

 So, why settle for anything less than perfection? Upgrade your bike with our handlebar service and experience the difference it makes to your ride. Enjoy the optimal balance and support that the correct handlebars provide, allowing you to conquer any terrain with greater ease and confidence.

Ready to take your cycling experience to new heights? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our handlebar service. 

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