Frame Bearings

Frame Bearings

All Mountain Bikes with Rear Suspension have a number of Frame Pivot Bearings.

These allow the correct, smooth movement of the suspension and when in good condition, linked to a Shock Absorber also in good condition, result in sweet suspension control.

Over time, these bearings get exposed to dirt and water ingress and start to get gritty and stiff.

This has a bad effect on the suspensions operation and will only get worse with additional use.

Ultimately, when the bearings get very worn, the suspension linkage on the bike will develop side to side play which will have a really bad effect on how the bike rides and feels.

Generally the effect is not noticed until it becomes really bad as the deterioration of the bikes handling is gradual and the rider gets used to it.

The replacement of bike Frame Bearings can be a big job due to the number of linkages in some bike frames, but its worth having it done as it will make the bike feel like it did when it was new.

We will always advise on the condition of frame bearings when a bike is in for a service with us.

If you have any questions regarding your Bike Frame Bearings please get in touch, I have the specialist tools and experience to do the work correctly.  

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