Rear Shock

Rear Shock

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes come factory fitted with front and rear suspension.

The rear suspension is referred to as the Rear Shock absorber or Rear Shock.

Full Suspension Bikes offer the rider increased control and/or comfort over rough terrain and they are an essential component of your bike and hugely affect your riding pleasure.

Bicycle Suspension is often overlooked as a serviceable item. However bicycle Suspension Rear Shocks need regular maintenance to keep them running in perfect condition. Manufacturers will often quote an oil change service after as little as 50 hours riding in dirty conditions.

So if you use your bike for as little as 4 hours per week, the manufacturers would suggest that you have your Rear Suspension Shock serviced every 3 month, so 4 times per year.

Apart form the most extreme of bike use this is probably a little over the top. A suggestion for a bike used hard and regularly in very dirty conditions would be every 6 months for an oil and seal change with a Major service every 12 months.

With most other bikes used regularly being serviced once per year. If this is carried out, Bike suspension should have a very long service life.

A large number of bikes I see in the workshop have suspension that is many years old and has never been serviced. If left too long and the Rear Shock is not smooth or is sticky in operation, it may be that its beyond economic repair, so it pays to look after your suspension.

The following Suspension Shock Services are an indication, but not exhaustive, of the services that I offer;

* Rear Suspension Shock Absorber removal and installation.

* Rear Suspension Shock Absorber Supply and fit Service.

* Rear Suspension Shock Absorber Service and Repair

* Rear Suspension Shock Absorber set up

If you have any issues with your Rear Suspension Shock Absorber or you would like to book a service or installation, please get in touch and see how I can help you.

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