Puncture Repair

Puncture Repair

Everyone hates punctures, but unfortunately its part of cycling.

Its always advisable to make sure that you carry event the most basic Puncture Repair kit on your bike and be familiar how it works, this will save you being stranded at the furthest point from home.

However probably one of the most common daily services I carry out for my customers is Puncture Repairs. Well I say puncture repairs, I dont usually repair the punctured inner tube, but rather replace it with a brand new one.

Why not repair the old inner Tube?Well, many of the Inner Tubes are not in great condition after been ridden on when the tyre is deflating, some are just plain old and some are totally the wrong sized Inner Tube that has been fitted incorrectly.

There is also the fact that a repaired Inner Tube is more likely to fail again then a fresh Inner Tube so to make sure my customers have the best chance of a long performing tyre, I fit brnd new quality Inner Tubes.

As part of the replacement process I remove the wheel from the bike, remove the tyre and Inner Tube and carefully check the tyre for retained debris and foreign bodies which could cause further punctures. The Tyre will also be checked for any issues that would prevent it from being suitable to be refitted to the bike.

You can be confident that I will have you turned around and back on your bike as soon as possible.

Most punctures are repaired on a "Drop in, no appointment" basis with me having helped so many people visiting the area, out of hours emergencies etc.

If I can help you, I most certainly will.  

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