Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings

Welcome to The Bike Repair Shop Formby, your go-to destination for all your biking needs in Liverpool!

I'm happy to introduce our Wheel Bearing Replacement Service as part of our comprehensive offering.

Your wheel bearings have a tough and important job of keeping your wheels running straight and True, whilst allowing the wheel to smoothly rotate so that as little energy as possible is lost from your peddling allowing efficient forward motion.

Wheel bearings requires regular maintenance as over time dirt and moisture will contaminate the bearings increasing resistance to rotation whilst increasing wear and tear.

If left worn bearings will ultimately result in noticeable play in the wheels.

The correct tools and knowledge are necessary to service the Wheel Bearings.

I have a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to service Bike Wheel Bearings along with a comprehensive stock of bearings.

If you have an issue with your bikes Wheel Bearings, give me at the Bike Repair Shop Formby and you have taken the first step to getting you bike road or trail ready again.

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